Aluminum Foil Lunch Boxes Raw Materials

- Oct 25, 2019-

The use of aluminum foil lunch boxes in certain specific areas and specific scenes has become very common. For example, disposable lunch boxes on airplanes are made of aluminum foil. It is also common to use microwave ovens or ovens to heat meals. People usually say tin foil packaging. In fact, it is aluminum foil.



Functionality is the primary mission of packaging. Maintaining the taste and taste of food is the core. That is to say, the premise of food packaging is that the food is still there, but the delivery of take-away meals is 30 minutes and the length is more than 1 hour. The smell of rice is extremely easy to lose, which is why the takeaway experience has never been comparable to the dine-in food. Therefore, heat preservation has become the key to keeping the fragrance.

The aluminum foil lunch box is resistant to high temperatures (up to 121 degrees), has good oil resistance and superior fragrance retention.

Aluminum foil lunch boxes are also commonly used as paper-packed beverages. The aluminum foil in the bag is only 6 microns thick. This thin aluminum layer is waterproof, savory, anti-bacterial and anti-fouling.

The characteristics of the fragrant and fresh-keeping make the aluminum foil lunch box have the characteristics of food packaging, and the high temperature resistance and oil resistance make it easy to control all kinds of hot foods, even in the face of the burden of take-away packaging - oil and soup Chinese food with more juice is not a problem. It can be said that the aluminum foil lunch box has a natural take-out attribute.

Harmless to the human body

Food safety is reflected not only in the food itself, but also in the lunch boxes that come into contact with food.

The popular plastic lunch boxes on the market have great harm to human health. When disposable foam plastic tableware is used to hold hot food or boiling water with a temperature above 65 degrees, the toxic substances contained in the tableware are easily immersed in food. The concentration of this harmful substance exceeds the standard and the toxicity will be even greater.

The main material of the aluminum foil lunch box is aluminum foil. The surface of the aluminum foil has a dense oxide layer. The chemical properties of this oxide layer are relatively stable, as long as it does not precipitate aluminum ions in a strong acid environment.

Moreover, aluminum foil is the most suitable and most popular in the packaging of greasy hot food and food reheating. Aluminum foil is used for food packaging and take-away packaging, and is harmless to human body.