Aluminum Foil Net

- Nov 12, 2019-

Aluminum foil filter for aluminum foil inner and outer nets and hoods for air conditioning, mostly used for filtration of gas such as large air conditioning pipes and air inlets of equipment. Mainly used for gas filtration or compaction stamping for liquid filtration.


1.Air-conditioning special aluminum foil inner and outer mesh specifications 500mm-800mm wide, thickness 0.2mm-0.05mm. Mainly used for household appliances and other soot filtration and purification of air, mainly for the production of all-aluminum metal filter.

2. The aluminum foil filter for the range hood is stretched into a diamond shape by mechanical stamping of the aluminum foil. After that, the superimposed outer layer of the aluminum foil mesh is supported by an aluminum expanded mesh, and the surrounding is made of a profile. Air filtration for the tuyere of the range hood.


Structure: Multi-layer aluminum foil mesh is superimposed with external aluminum mesh for support. Surrounded by a border. Aluminum foil mesh superimposed layer support mesh specifications, overall thickness and air foil filter mesh size, frame material, specifications, etc. are customized according to the machine conditions.


It is mostly used for the filtration of gas such as large air-conditioning pipes and air inlets of equipment outlets.

Specifications: Aluminum foil mesh single layer thickness: 0.04--0.2 mm. Aluminum foil mesh size: 1X2 mm, 3X6 mm, 4×8 mm, 5×10 mm, 3×8 mm, 4×10 mm, 4×12 mm, 6×12 mm.

Uses: Mainly used for gas filtration or compaction stamping for liquid filtration. Such as air conditioning filtration or filtration on a range hood, etc.

Material: pure aluminum plate, iron chrome aluminum plate, aluminum-magnesium alloy plate, alloy aluminum plate 1 series, 8 series, 1060 electrolytic aluminum foil (content is above 99.6%), 1100 (99.0%), 8810 (BS1470 American standard).

Self-stretching, self-control of stretching, and good controllability.

Aluminum foil net as long as the material is 8011; hardness: H24 is the best (belong to semi-hard state)

Mainly used for air conditioning tuyere, microwave oven, range hood, etc. for the filter.



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