Aluminum Foil Production

- Oct 29, 2019-

(1) Pinhole. Pinholes are the primary disadvantage of aluminum foil.

 (2) Rolling, roll, and uneven gloss. It is mainly the shortcomings of aluminum foil caused by rolls, which are divided into three types: point, line and surface. The most obvious feature is the three-cycle presentation. The primary reasons for this shortcoming are: incorrect grinding of the rolls; damage to the rolls by foreign objects: defects in the printing rolls; fatigue of the rolls; impact between rolls, slipping, etc. All the elements that can constitute the damage to the surface of the roll can damage the aluminum foil rolling. Because the aluminum foil rolling roll surface is very smooth, the uneven gloss unevenness will also affect its appearance. Timing finishing of the rolling mill, keeping the rolling mill clean, ensuring the normal operation of the roller cleaner, timing the roll change, and reasonable grinding are the basic conditions for ensuring uniform appearance of the aluminum foil after rolling.

  (3) Wrinkling. Because the shape of the plate is severe, the wrinkles are formed when the aluminum foil is wound up or opened, and the essence is that the tension is lacking to flatten the foil surface.

  (4) Bright spots, bright marks, bright spots. The double point is bright, bright and bright because of the improper use of double oil. The first reason is that the strength of the double oil film is lacking, or the uneven surface of the roll causes uneven rolling deformation, and the appearance is hemp or foreign matter. . The use of reasonable double oil to maintain the cleaning of the incoming material and the uniform roll surface of the rolls is a useful solution to these shortcomings. Of course, it is also necessary to change the amount of pressing and to select an excellent aluminum plate.

(5) Thickness difference. Thickness is difficult to control is a feature of aluminum foil rolling, 3% of the thickness difference may not be difficult when the sheet is produced, but it is very difficult when the foil is produced.

    (6) Oil stains. Oil stain refers to the remaining oil on the outer surface of the aluminum foil after rolling, that is, oil other than the rolled oil film.

    (7) Water spots. Water spot refers to the white spot on the foil surface before rolling, which is formed by rolling. When it is fine, it will affect the appearance of the foil surface. When it is severe, it will lead to broken tape. Water spots are caused by water droplets in the oil or water droplets on the foil surface. Controlling the moisture and water in the oil is a special way to prevent water spots.

    (8) Vibration marks. The vibration mark refers to the periodic transverse wave of the aluminum foil.

    (9) Tension line. When the thickness reaches 0.015 mm or less, parallel stripes are formed in the longitudinal direction of the aluminum foil, which is commonly called a tension line.

    (10) Slotting. Slotting is a peculiar disadvantage of foil rolling, which cracks straight in the longitudinal direction during rolling, often accompanied by a metal wire.

    (11) Airway. In the rolling moment, the strip is crushed, the margin is a droplet-like curve, and the width is a certain width. The light air passage is not crushed, and it has a white strip shape and dense pinholes.

    (12) The disadvantage of winding up. The disadvantage of coiling is mainly that the loose roll or the inner loose is tight. Because aluminum foil accepts limited tension, it is difficult to take a hard roll.

    Although there are many shortcomings in aluminum foil rolling, the main performances are: pinholes, roll eyes, slits, and air passages characterized by holes; oil stains, uneven gloss, vibration marks, tension lines, and water characterized by external conditions. Spots, brightly lit spots; plate shape, wrinkling, discounting, and coiling defects that affect the processing of the latter process; thickness differences characterized by scale. In essence, the unique disadvantages of aluminum foil are only pinholes. The other disadvantages are the same, but the severity of the performance is different or the demand is different.