Aluminum Foil Used Household Insulation

- Oct 25, 2019-

Use aluminum foil insulation pad for wall insulation? Isn't this material used to keep food fresh? For us, the use of aluminum foil insulation mats: although the application is different, but the working principle is the same.
The characteristics of the aluminum foil material are used to effectively block the damage of the external high temperature to the wall. In winter, the wind can also ensure the indoor temperature. For the balcony, it is a very good thermal insulation material, waterproof and moisture proof. And this practice, in the home decoration is still a relatively common decoration method.

Aluminum foil used household

This method of adding aluminum foil insulation mat to the balcony is also relatively simple and quick to construct:
1. After getting the rough house, first remove the putty layer made by the developer on the wall of the balcony cement wall, and then polish it smoothly.
2. Cut the aluminum foil insulation pad according to the size of the wall to be laid, and tiling it on the wall and fix it with wooden keel or ordinary long wooden stick.
3. Wall beautification. It can be covered with anti-corrosion wood or plasterboard wall surface, or you can choose to integrate the wallboard tile. In short, the aluminum foil insulation pad can be hidden without affecting the appearance of the wall. The material for the wall surface can be based on the home decoration style and The preference is set (filling between the separator and the aluminum foil insulation pad with styrofoam).
Using aluminum foil pads as insulation mats, this procedure of walking on the balcony is no longer cold in winter and hot in summer. how about it? Today, everyone is just like me!