Aluminum Heating Foil For Packaging

- Oct 28, 2019-

The demand for aluminum foil for packaging is increasing. Aluminum foil is widely used in automobile manufacturing, textile, electronics industry, electromechanical industry, aerospace industry, packaging industry, construction industry, shipbuilding industry, etc. It is an important industrial raw material.

Packaging aluminum foil consumption

At present, China can consume 161,300 tons of aluminum foil per year. China's aluminum foil market consumption of the largest products is air-conditioning foil; followed by smoked foil, China is the world's largest cigarette production and consumption countries, cigarette packaging annual consumption of tobacco foil reached 35,000 tons, accounting for 60% of total double-zero foil consumption The third is decorative foil, used in the construction industry for heat insulation, moisture-proof and decorative materials. At present, the construction and home appliance industry in China has formed an application boom for decorative foils; the fourth is cable foil, which uses the sealing and shielding properties of aluminum foil as a line. Cable cover. The consumption of aluminum foil in the above four varieties accounts for more than 70% of the total consumption of aluminum foil in China. Foil, electronic foil, automotive foil and flexible packaging foil are currently in China, although the consumption is still small, but the market growth is good, has become an important consumption growth point in the aluminum foil market.

In addition to cigarette packaging, the application of aluminum foil in the packaging industry mainly includes: aluminum-plastic composite bags, pharmaceutical aluminum foil blister packaging and chocolate packaging. Some high-end beer also wraps aluminum foil on the mouth of the bottle.

Medicinal blister packs include medicinal aluminum foil, PVC plastic hard sheets, heat seal coatings and other materials. The medicinal aluminum foil is a sealing material sealed on a plastic hard sheet, and has the advantages of non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, impervious, heat-resistant, moisture-proof, light-blocking, and high-temperature sterilization. The thickness of the medicinal aluminum foil is generally 0.02 mm, which is composed of a protective layer, an ink printing layer, a substrate and an adhesive layer. The aluminum blister is mainly used for some expensive pharmaceutical packaging due to high cost.

In addition to making soft cans, aluminum-plastic composite bags are also widely used in small foods and fried foods. In addition, the aluminum-plastic composite bag can be packaged as a pharmaceutical tablet or a traditional Chinese medicine powder. Due to its excellent barrier properties, aluminum-plastic composites also have a large amount of use in ordnance and munitions packaging.