Buy Tobacco Aluminium Foil

- Nov 18, 2019-

Tobacco aluminum foils 1235 O and 8011 O, also known as cigarette aluminum foil, are used as backing paper in cigarette packs. In order to package and protect the cigarettes, the smoke is not damp, the taste of the cigarettes is unchanged, the quality of the aluminum foil for cigarette packaging is strict, the aluminum foil should be flat and the surface is clean, and has good formability and excellent sealing performance.


When used as a lining of a Tobacco pack, Tobacco aluminum foil is usually laminated with a layer of paper, so that the composite aluminum foil paper has a potential for development, and it has high barrier to light, gas and water, and has high corrosion resistance. . Aluminum foil for cigarettes can effectively protect cigarettes from external natural factors. HTMM has extensive experience in the production of cigarette packaging aluminum foil. We can provide aluminum foil with alloy and tempering temperature of 1235-O, 8011-O. The typical thickness is 0.006~0.007mm, the width is 80-1200mm, the inner diameter of the coil is 76mm / 152 mm


With the development of society and the advancement of packaging machinery, the requirements for cigarette packaging and decoration are getting higher and higher. The materials required are moisture-proof, air-tight, odor-resistant, opaque, and resistant to pests and microorganisms, and the quality and performance requirements of aluminum foil for cigarette inner packaging are also strict. Tobacco aluminum foil has a smooth, seamless surface, a flat shape, a neat cross section, clean, burr-free, cracks, edges and pinholes, all less than 100 / m2. There are no rolling marks, black lines and bright spots on the surface.