Characteristics & Broad Application Of Aluminum Foil

- Nov 14, 2019-

With a variety of excellent performance, alufoil is used as a perfect packing material throughout the world. Its broad application prospect in a great deal of fields is fully demonstrated. Alufoil is aluminum that is prepared in thin sheets and is commonly used in every household today. AluFoil is a very useful barrier to moisture, oxygen, bacteria, odours and flavours. All the properties makealuminum foil have characteristics below:


1. Thin and light

2. High strengh

3 .Excellent silvery white luster

4. High thermal conductivity and excellent conductivity

5. High moistureproof

6. Tasteless non-poisonous, and excellent fragrant-reserving performance

7. Performances of cutting of and heat insulation

8. Excellent performance of anti-causticity


All these characteristics of alufoil don’t restrict its applications merely to kitchens but to various other industries also. Millions of tons of alufoil are used throughout the world to food, beverage cosmetics, cigarette packing, medicines, take pictures the packing materials of the baseplate, family daily necessities, chemical products, etc.Contact us for more details about aluminum foil and we are committed to customer support and are glad for the opportunity to serve you.