China Aluminum Jumbo Roll Foil Manufacturer

- Aug 18, 2020-

China Aluminum Jumbo roll Foil Manufacturer, Choose HTMM, Because we have more than 10 years experience in aluminum foil production. The Jumbo roll aluminum foil produced has good barrier property, Heat sealing performance, Can withstand high temperature cooking, Cold storage, Safe and environmentally friendly. The alloy of aluminum large roll foil is 8011/1235/8079, rupture resistance of 60(%), 0.006-0.20(mm), Opacity of 100(%)


Aluminum Jumbo roll foil with good shading performance, But also very insulating, And because it contains aluminum, Therefore, it also has good oil resistance and softness. food grade packaging materials. Aluminum foil for packing vegetables, Fruit, Can prevent water loss, Keep it fresh, and has more antibacterial and antifouling effects. Food grade aluminum foil has good toughness, Pure and impurity free, Suitable for cooking, Storage, Refrigerated, Packaged food, Tableware and utensils, Put up the kitchen, Baking, Barbecue or baking with foil, Can maintain the original flavor, Reduce juice spatter, And keep the stoves clean, Increase cooking fun.

aluminium household foil

When used in cooking, Aluminum Jumbo roll foil can seal food (fruit) juice and liquid. Keep food coloring, Visual effects of aroma and taste, and control temperature; Using aluminum foil to separate high - temperature charcoal fire from smoke, To preserve the original flavor of the food, And avoid the carcinogens from burning, Safe and hygienic. Storage: Keep fresh, Can be easily shaped according to food, Keep food in shape, And prevent odour from entering. Cold storage: prevent the surface of frozen food from hardening, To extend the storage time of food, Avoid fish, Vegetables, Water loss in fruits and dishes, and prevent the flavoring agent from leaking or mixing.