Cigarette Aluminum Foil Knowledge

- Oct 28, 2019-

In order to establish corporate image, enhance brand value, and also for anti-counterfeiting needs, cigarette industry enterprises pay more and more attention to the development and utilization of cigarette packaging lining - aluminum foil paper while ensuring the internal quality of cigarettes. From then on, the cigarette aluminum foil paper has entered a new development period with both pictures and texts, wonderful and moisture-proof and anti-counterfeiting functions.

At present, China's cigarette industry enterprises produce printed aluminum foil paper with a common feature, that is, whether it is printed on Chinese or Chinese, Chinese Pinyin or English, or the full version of the factory name, either Also printed with the corporate logo. If the aluminum foil paper specially made for a certain brand is not only printed with the name of the factory, but also the name and decoration pattern of the brand.