Cigarette Packaging Aluminum Foil Alloy 1235

- Sep 15, 2020-

Cigarette packaging aluminum foil mainly surrounds the backing paper of cigarette packaging boxes, and 1235 alloy aluminum foil is usually used in cigarette packaging. The production volume and production capacity of packaging aluminum foil are developing rapidly. The main use of aluminum foil is also constantly developing, especially in the field of packaging applications, which has become a key component of the rapid development trend of aluminum foil production in my country. The key to the application of aluminum foil in the cigarette packaging manufacturing industry is the aluminum foil used for the tobacco backing paper, the aluminum coating on the cigarette box and the hot stamping of tipping paper.

aluminum foil for cigarette pack

Cigarette packaging aluminum foil Alloy 1235

The most commonly used aluminum in tobacco packaging is aluminum foil backing paper. Aluminum foil backing paper is a composite paper of plastic paper and pure aluminum foil. The thickness of cigarette aluminum foil is 0.006mm to 0.007mm. Usually 0.006mm thin aluminum foil (double zero foil) is used, which is soft after tempering and has good ductility. The size of the aluminum foil backing paper for each bag of tobacco is 154mm×114mm. According to this ratio, the aluminum liner of each bag of tobacco liner is about 0.284 g. The packaging lined with cigarette packaging aluminum foil can block light and air. The cross-section of aluminum foil for cigarettes is neat, without burrs, pinching, wrinkled edges, cracked edges, towers, curly curls, bumpers, bumps and other defects.

1235 aluminum foil

Aluminum foil paper refers to paper made by bonding aluminum foil backing paper and aluminum foil. Soft and easy to deform, like paper, it does not rebound after deformation. The cigarette pack aluminum foil can be qualitatively guaranteed, shading, will not fall, opaque, pollution-free, and cheap. Used for moisture-proof and decorative packaging of high-end cigarettes, candy and other foods.

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