Cold-resistant Artifact, Aluminum Foil Insulation Socks

- Nov 05, 2019-

2019, this winter is a bit cold! How to keep warm and efficient?


Anti-cold artifact, insulation method, aluminum foil insulation socks, simple test samples of aluminum foil insulation socks,

You can use aluminum foil to put the shoes inside, and the foot temperature can rise by 8 degrees. Some experts pointed out that as long as the toes are warm,

You can make your body temperature rise, so you can experiment with an aluminum foil.

The shoes are covered in the shoes, and the soles of the feet can be heated by 8 degrees to achieve the warmth of the whole body.

Warming the toes can increase the body temperature, not only improve the peripheral circulation, the whole person is warm, the immunity will increase, and the winter is not easy to catch a cold. It can be solved by using a piece of aluminum foil paper. The aluminum foil paper is stuffed into the slippers or out of the shoes, and the front end of the foot can be covered up and down. The light is just like this, and the shoes can be warmed. This is a simple test sample of aluminum foil insulation socks.


According to the instrument test, when wearing ordinary slippers, compared with the slippers wearing aluminum foil, the temperature of the whole sole is raised, and the temperature difference is as high as octave, so when you encounter cold weather, try using aluminum foil to keep warm. .

Aluminum foil insulation socks, which are coated with aluminum foil on the socks.

The main role of aluminum foil is actually

Reduce heat loss due to heat radiation,

At the same time through the insulation layer of the socks,

Acting as an insulation against external temperature conduction,

To protect the temperature inside from the outside world,

Insulation cotton or socks are mainly used for insulation.