Come On! Team HTMM GROUP

- Aug 01, 2019-

The same piece of material can be cut and melted, or it can be made into steel;

The same team can do nothing, but also achieve great cause.

On June 27th, HTMM GROUP's aluminum foil sales department's mid-year expansion activity - "Refueling Bar Team" was carried out in a stone slate known as a tourist resort.

The salesperson who took part in the event set off early in the morning. After two hours of driving to the event venue, stretching and breathing, and taking a breath of oxygen different from the downtown area, I felt refreshed and everyone seemed to be on the upcoming "match." "Fulfilled with confidence.

The stone slate is a 5A-level tourist attraction. It is like a natural oxygen bar. The sun is filled with the fragrance of grass. When the sales staff of the HTMM GROUP gather together, a fun and challenging journey is about to begin.

It is a colleague, and it is a close friend who joins me. Give her and him a warm hug. Thank you for your companionship. This day is full of energy!

Concentrate on strength, go hand in hand - HTMM GROUP aluminum foil in 2019 to expand the main spirit of the event.