Common Alloy For Medicinal Packaging Foil

- Oct 15, 2019-

packaging Aluminium Foil

Common alloy for medicinal packaging aluminum foil

Medicinal packaging aluminum foil, is the aluminum foil used to package medicines, there are many types, capsule aluminum foil, cold-formed medicinal aluminum foil, blister ptp aluminum foil, medicine foil gasket. Different aluminum foil alloys are used in different pharmaceutical packaging.

Common alloy types and thickness specifications for medicinal packaging aluminum foil.

PTP medicinal aluminum foil, 8011 O/H18, thickness 0.016-0.5mm

Blister aluminum foil, 8021 O, thickness 0.04-0.065mm

Medicinal packaging aluminum foil8021/8079 O, thickness 0.016-0.2mm

Aluminum foil for medical caps, 8011 H14/H16, thickness 0.016-0.5mm

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