Container Foil

- Oct 30, 2019-

Container foil also known as aluminum foil for tableware, is mainly used for the packaging of aviation fast food. In use, the surface of the aluminum foil is preliminarily cleaned and oiled, and then press-formed to form a lunch box-shaped tableware. Therefore, the mechanical properties of the material, including strength, elongation, cupping, etc., are high, and the surface is not allowed to have residual oil. However, for container foils having a thickness of 0.04 mm or less, they are basically used as a table cover, so that the cup projection value is not very high. Product Name Container Foil Material Status 3003H24, 8011-O, 8011H24 Thickness (mm) 0.022-0.18mm Width (mm) 150-1200mm Length (mm) C Typical Product Lunch Box, Food Foil, etc.

The reason why aluminum foil lunch boxes are favored by people is widely used by many people, especially in the aviation industry. The most fundamental reason is that it is made of aluminum foil material, which can be promoted by materials. , has the following advantages, so that you can achieve good performance in the application:

Thanks to the characteristics of aluminum foil, the aluminum foil lunch box has outstanding barrier properties, which means that the lunch box can be effectively placed in the use of the soup, with a special cover to ensure a reliable seal, to prevent leakage and heat preservation . At the same time, because the barrier performance is very good, when the aluminum foil lunch box is used, it can also effectively block the air, avoid the leakage of the food smell in the lunch box, or be affected by the external smell. However, the barrier performance depends on the thickness of the aluminum foil, the thickness of the lunch box is sufficient, and the barrier performance is very good.

Because of the material relationship, the aluminum foil lunch box has a series of advantages such as light weight, air tightness and good covering property. The light weight can facilitate the transportation and use of the lunch box. The sealing can protect the food from heat preservation and heat preservation. A wide variety of foods to ensure that the lunch box is very convenient to use and very reliable.

In addition, the aluminum foil lunch box also has the advantages of hygiene and aesthetics. While ensuring food hygiene and avoiding contamination of food, it can also present an aesthetic appearance and give a good visual experience.