Do Not Take The Unusual Road, The Aluminum Around You

- May 07, 2019-

Aluminum foil paper for microwave ovens is a must for kitchen. Is it just for baking? Will there be "multi-function"? Today's "Housewife Classroom" tells you the "expansion" effect of aluminum foil.

Auxiliary of pan barbecue

When we use the pan to roast, the fried oil will be soaked in the already grilled meat, and the taste is not good. At this point, the aluminum foil paper can be cut into strips of 5 cm, and then rolled into sticks, placed on a pan, placed on the pan, and then baked, and the oil is baked by aluminum foil sticks. Separated, it is a fragrant but not greasy "Korean barbecue."

"grinding" tool

When we find that the knife is a bit blunt, we can fold the aluminum foil in half, use this knife to "cut" the aluminum foil paper, and after repeated "cutting" a few times, it will sharpen. By the same token, the scissors will be sharp after cutting the aluminum foil again and again.