Features Of Aluminum Foil

- Dec 29, 2018-

Aluminum foil has a clean, hygienic and shiny appearance, it can be made into integrated packaging materials with many other packaging materials, and aluminum foil surface printing effect is better than other materials, in addition to aluminum foil also has the following characteristics:

(1) aluminum foil surface is extremely clean, hygienic, no bacteria or microorganisms can grow on its surface.

(2) aluminum foil is a non-toxic packaging material, it can be in direct contact with food without any worries that can endanger human health.

(3) aluminum foil is a tasteless and odorless packaging material, will not make the packaged food has any odor.

(4) If the aluminum foil itself is not volatile, it itself and the packaged food will never dry or shrink.

(5) No matter at high temperature or at low temperature, aluminum foil will not have the phenomenon of oil penetration.

(6) Aluminum foil is a kind of opaque packaging material, so for the Sun line irradiation products, such as margarine is a good packaging material. (7) Aluminum foil has a good plasticity, so can be used to package a variety of shapes of products.

can also be arbitrarily caused by various shape containers.

(8) Aluminum foil hardness is large, tension strength is also large, but its tear strength is small, so it is easy to tear.

(9) Aluminum foil itself can not be heated sealing, must be applied to its surface of hot materials, such as PE can be hot closed.

(10) When aluminum foil comes into contact with other heavy metals or heavy metals, there may be adverse reactions.