Household Aluminum Foil Application

- May 09, 2019-

Household aluminum foil application

Since its inception, HTMM GROUP Aluminium foil has always been pursuing the goal of “Technology, Management, Quality” and relentlessly pursued it. In line with the business philosophy of “Today's quality is tomorrow's market”, the company has established its business in the aluminum foil industry. Leading position.

     Household aluminum foil will continue to popularize aluminum foil for food cooking. It can be directly placed on the fire to steam, so that the food is evenly heated inside and outside, and can maintain the original flavor and beautiful luster of the food. Therefore, aluminum foil is used as a high-temperature cooking material or packaging material for households, restaurants and food stores. It is in great demand in developed countries and has a good market prospect. The demand for household aluminum foil in Japan has exceeded 10% of the total aluminum foil.

       At present, household aluminum foil is widely used in restaurants and food stores in China. With the improvement of people's living standards, the application of household aluminum foil in Chinese households will continue to be popular, and the market potential is great.