HTMM GROUP Supplies Aluminium For Food Packaging

- Apr 11, 2019-

Flexible food packaging is one of the fastest growing segments of the packaging industry. It used for consumers and companies to protect and distribute a vast array of products. The main categories of food that involve flexible packaging are bakery items, dried and frozen processed food, food substitutes, dairy products, processed meat and others. This type of packaging is chosen because of its advantages: it’s light-weight, easy to open and to stored, maintains and indicates freshness.

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Aluminium benefits in flexible packaging

Aluminium is the best material to use in flexible food packaging. It can go from the freezer to the fridge, oven or,  following correct procedures, microwave oven. It is also one of the food packaging suitable for the grill.

In addition, aluminium comes in many different shapes and can be easily personalized. The most important thing is that aluminium is 100% recyclable and experiences no loss of properties or quality during the recycling process.

 HTMM GROUP Aluminium foil

HTMM GROUP   supplies aluminium for food packaging. In particular, aluminium  foil  from 0.006 MM  up to 0.03 MM  portion. Aluminium protects food against light, moisture and environmental factors. More than this, aluminium foil produced by aluminium foil  has an excellent corrosion resistance, higher than the average market material.

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