Hydrophilic Aluminium Foil For Air Conditioning

- Nov 11, 2019-

Definition of Hydrophilic aluminium foil


  Hydrophilic aluminium foil is a kind of hydrophilic treatment aluminium foil, through a special technology process, hydrophilic layer shall conver on its surface, if the condensate on the hydrophilic aluminium foil will quickly spread, will not condense into water droplets, and will not increase heat exchange Area,so as to speed up the cooling heating rate, and also effectively avoid the condensation of air caused by air flow noise.


Application of Hydrophilicaluminium foil19-11-7-food-grade-aluminium-foil


 Hydrophilic aluminium foil is the main raw material of home air conditioning heat exchanger,

Hydrophilic aluminium foil has a great impact on the efficiency of air conditioner. If the heat exchanger raw materials is the hydrophilic aluminium foil, can improve 5% cooling efficiency , and also has the functions of anti-corrosion ,anti-mold,and no smell , will not cause the accumulation of water droplets affect the heat transfer. As no water droplets, the corresponding also reduces the noise caused by vibration; to prevent air conditioning powder are blown in the indoor ,to cause the adverse effects on the human body, in line with environmental requirements. The hydrophilic aluminium foil for air conditioner shall be in   accordance with YS / T95.2 --- 2001.


The angle of water droplets on the surface of ordinary aluminum foil is above 70℃, while the angle of water droplets on the surface of hydrophilic aluminum foil is below 35℃.


The fins with good hydrophilicity can improve the heat exchange efficiency of the air conditioner heat exchanger, obviously save power consumption, and effectively reduce the fin spacing of the heat exchanger, thereby reducing the volume of the air conditioner, thereby achieving Beautify the shape of the air conditioner, and improve the utilization of the room space for the home air conditioner.