Improve The Training Of Professional Talents In Aluminum Deep Processing

- Aug 01, 2019-

In order to further promote the reform of the integrated curriculum, strengthen the construction of the "double-type" teacher team, promote the deep integration of school-enterprise, and improve the quality of professional training of aluminum deep processing professionals.

The practice activities were highly valued by the company, and the practice activities were coordinated, especially for the high temperature of the summer production workshop, and the heatstroke prevention and safety education was carried out.

The practice team conducted on-the-spot investigation and research on eight workshops of enterprise aluminum foil two (aluminum deep processing professional training workshop), casting and rolling, cold rolling, etc., on product process, corporate culture, various rules and regulations, workshop management system and post setting. Detailed understanding of the capabilities and needs.

Through this practical activity, we learned about the development trend of the industry, helped teachers understand the professional post practice needs, mastered the new technology, new technology and new products under the background of enterprise industrial transformation and upgrading, and obtained the “first hand” of the aluminum deep processing professional construction. The information is to work together to cultivate high-quality skilled talents suitable for regional economic development.