Is Aluminum Foil Toxic

- Oct 25, 2019-

Aluminum foil paper

Aluminum foil paper is not toxic, and aluminum foil paper is generally used for food packaging, so it is not toxic.
Aluminum foil paper is a paper obtained by bonding aluminum foil backing paper and aluminum foil paste. Soft and easy to change, like paper, and does not rebound after deformation. Can be qualitative, to ensure that the shading, not falling, opaque, non-polluting, cheap. For high-grade cigarettes, candy and other food moisture and decorative packaging.

Aluminum foil is a metal substance that is not toxic by itself. However, it is worth noting that in the past, it was worried that meat charred would be wrapped in tin foil or aluminum foil, but experts suggested that if you want to wrap the ingredients in tin foil or aluminum foil, you should not add it. Sauce, because the acid in the seasoning may melt the tin foil and aluminum foil and aluminum foil, which may cause tin and aluminum poisoning after eating.
During the baking process, the lemon juice is continuously applied to the meat according to the texture. It is best to also drop a few drops of lemon juice before eating. Need to be reminded that if you use tin foil to wrap the meat barbecue, do not pour lemon juice on the meat, because the foil paper is a metal substance, contact with acidic substances, after a high temperature will produce a certain chemical reaction, resulting in harmful carcinogenicity substance
Aluminum foil paper is used in a wide range of applications, such as aerospace food packaging, general meat packaging, and cigarette packaging. Experts divided it into more than 20 varieties according to the characteristics of its application. Due to the differences in economic development levels in different countries, there is also a large gap in the consumption structure of aluminum foil.