Large Rolls Of Aluminum Foil

- May 20, 2019-

Household aluminum foil rolls are aluminum foil used by households to make and store food. The width of the large-volume aluminum foil is from 300MM---500MM, and the weight of the large-volume aluminum foil single-roller is 100KG----300KG, which has the advantages of convenient use and safety. It is also widely used in hotels and restaurants.

Household aluminum foil is an aluminum foil product that we can see in our daily life. Large rolls of aluminum foil are turned into small-volume aluminum foils for household use, which can be purchased at supermarkets and nearby stores. The general specifications for aluminum household foils are as follows. The thickness is 0.012-0.03mm, the width is 300-500mm, the length is 8-50m / roll, and it is wound on a paper core with a certain strength. The alloy is mainly 8011 aluminum alloy, and has an annealed state. Household aluminum foil has the advantages of light weight and safety, which can help people support or warp food.