Manufacturing 3003 H24 Aluminium Foils

- Nov 20, 2019-

Disposable lunch box made of 3003 H24 lunch box aluminum foil:

Most "aluminum foil food container " on the market are disposable lunch boxes made of 3003-H24 aluminum foil. It is a new type of food container. Compared with other materials, the lunch box has the characteristics of light weight, high barrier property and strong endurance. Anti-UV, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and long shelf life, but also because 3003-H24 container aluminum foil can better maintain the freshness and moisture of food, more in line with modern people's environmental health concept. At present, the 3003 H24 aluminum foil lunch box is mainly used for the packaging of supermarket foods such as aviation food, cake food retail and roast chicken.

 lunch box aluminium foil 

Cost and advantages of 3003 H24 aluminum foil lunch box:

At present, the price of 3003-H24 lunch box aluminum foil is nearly one-third higher than the price of disposable plastic lunch box. Many catering companies have been "fascinated" considering cost issues. The cost of the lunch box is a problem that any catering company must consider, but in fact, if the combined use cost is taken into consideration, the 3003-H24 lunch box aluminum foil will not be higher than the disposable plastic lunch box. According to experts, take 20g weight 3003 aluminum foil lunch box as an example: each price is 0.80 yuan, the recycling price is 0.011 yuan / gram after use, the recycling price is 0.22 yuan, the actual cost of each product is 0.58 yuan, close to standard hygiene And the price of environmentally friendly lunch boxes. If the amount of energy saved during the heating of the lunch box will further reduce the cost of consumption, and most of them will eliminate the huge social cost of recycling plastic lunch boxes. For example, using an infrared food steamer to heat 100 aluminum foil lunch boxes, equivalent to a $3 electricity bill, and using a microwave oven to heat 100 plastic lunch boxes. The electricity fee is 8 yuan. In this way, the 3003 - H24 aluminum foil lunch box has a higher one-time purchase cost, but the subsequent use of lower energy consumption, recycling can also enjoy government subsidies, the overall cost is not higher than the plastic lunch box.


3003 H24 lunch Box Aluminum Foil Quality Manufacturer:

It is strongly recommended that the green aluminum foil lunch box is also a social project, and its promotion requires the support of relevant legislative bodies and government departments. Relevant departments should improve laws and regulations, regulate lunch box production, consumer market and recycling system, support the construction of aluminum foil lunch box recycling system through economic means, and encourage the whole society to use green lunch boxes to jointly create a low-carbon life. HTMM actively responds to the government's call, adhering to the Green development concept, constantly updating product quality and performance, and constantly strive to create high quality 3003 H24 lunch box aluminum foil manufacturer.