Pharmaceutical Grade Aluminum Foil Supplier

- Oct 15, 2019-

Aluminium Foil packPharmaceutical Grade Aluminum Foil Supplier


The Pharmaceutical grade aluminum packaging not only protects products from external pollution and damage, but also convenient for the storage, transportation and sale. HTMM Aluminium foil of high quanlity offers good abilities in barrier performance, sealing performance, formability, etc., is an excellent material for packing sensitive products, especially pharmaceutical packaging. As so many good properties HTMM aluminum foil possess, HTMM 8011 food grade aluminum foil also has a widely application in cap and radiator.


The advantages of HTMM pharmaceutical foil

1. HTMM pharmaceutical foil offers clean and flat surface, no oil spots, marks and other defects, with a low percentage of pinhole.

2.HTMM pharmaceutical foil has good moisture resistance property, and an excellent property of barrier to gas, water and light.

3. HTMM pharmaceutical foil is food grade foil, is non-toxic and tasteless.