Pharmaceutical Grade Packing Aluminum Foil

- Aug 25, 2020-

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil used as pharmaceutical packing materials, Its quality requirements are very strict. The aluminum foil used in drug packaging has a strong barrier, Shading, Weather resistance, Sterile, Non-toxic and other advantages. High quality medicinal aluminum foil must have stronger sealing, Corrosion resistance, Weather resistance, puncture resistance and more stable performance, This is because there is no pinhole on the surface of the medicinal aluminum foil, Scratch or bulge, Oxidation, Impurities, Foreign bodies, Other defects, And strictly perform pinhole testing, Reduced process and flatness control, Therefore, whether from the visual surface quality or performance indicators, High quality medicinal aluminum foil can always protect the perfect quality of drugs!


The pharmaceutical foil is made of aluminum foil, It has been used in all aspects of drug packaging. Such as 8011- O and 8011- H18 foil are often mixed on the back of the most common PTP drug packaging, such as tablet and capsule blister. And 8011- H14、8011-H16 medicinal foil for oral liquid, The injection bottle is sealed. Besides, 8021 aluminum foil or 8079 aluminum foil is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging with high protection requirements, A commonly used 8021 O aluminum foil for cold bending blister packaging, 8079 Aluminum foil O tropical blister packaging. In addition, And the 1235 O al foil used for drug stripping packaging, and other various packaging forms.

pharmaceutical alu foil

8021 aluminium foil, 8079 aluminum foil and 8011 aluminum foil and other products have been SGS, ISO certificate, Perfect and safe for protecting drug packaging!

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