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- May 22, 2019-

Alloy: 1235 8011 8079 Temper: O Thickness:0.0055MM-0.03MM Width:200MM-1600MM Surface:One side bright, One side matt Application:To be used for food packaging/ Cigarette Packaging after lamination

HTMM GROUP  Flexible Aluminium foil  Advantages

Do you think that the Aluminium foil printing surface have the faults?


Strictly control of annealing process, Remove the rolling oils thorough.Single batch sampling volume of  10%, far higher than the others 3%, Ensure that rolling oils clean and thorough, so that the printing surface better without faults.

Do you think that the Aluminium foil you are using is very easy to break?


The foil roll more strong.Not easy to break off.Through quality control, the elongation of our products is much higher than the other manufacturers. The aluminium foil rolls not easy to break off during the production, Improve the work efficiency, from casting to cold rolling to foil  Pass the inspection for each process, Ensuring the performance, changing the slliting blades frequently. Make the foil roll more strong,Not easy to break off.

Do you think that the Aluminium foil you are using have the adhesion? You have the more loose


In the production process, Strictly control the annealing process. Increase the annealing inspection.Increase the frequency of rolling oil filters materials , the quality inspection is strictly performed after production, so that our products have no adhesion and using more smoothly.

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