Quality Inspection Method Of Medicinal Aluminum Foil

- Dec 29, 2018-

(1) Pinhole degree detection Pinhole check box, using 800 mm x600 mm x300 mm or appropriate volume of wooden box, wooden box installed 30W fluorescent lamp, wooden box on top of a glass plate, glass plate lined with black paper and left 400 mm x250 mm space to check the specimen pinhole.

In the finished aluminum foil, take a length of 400 mm, a width of 250 mm specimen 20, place it on the Pinhole check table, and check its pinhole in the dark.

(2) Rupture strength detection

The testing instrument is a rupture strength meter, the method is to take 40 mm x40 mm specimen three pieces in the finished product, the seam of the instrument, the pump is opened, the indicator value on the visual pressure gauge can be measured, the rupture strength should be greater than 98KPA.

(3) Geometric dimension detection

The standard thickness of medicinal aluminum foil is: nominal thickness of 10% mm, thickness detection is often before the machine on the thickness and width of aluminum foil inspection, thickness detection using lg-l optical thickness meter measurement or accuracy of 0.5-1.oum micrometer determination, several means of comparison.

Aluminum foil width Apply a steel ruler measurement with a score value of 0.5 mm.

Length is measured with a slitting machine counter.

(4) Surface wettability detection The method of detecting the value is used.