Safety And Environmental Protection

- Aug 02, 2019-

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Protecting the environment is the common responsibility of all mankind, and the construction of ecological civilization must become a conscious action..." Safety and environmental protection work is the red line, the bottom line and the lifeline of the survival and development of HTMM GROUP. HTMM GROUP and the fate of employees, HTMM GROUP Xing is a staff member, and HTMM GROUP is a shame for employees. Every employee is a safety, environmentally friendly participant, practitioner and improver. There is no “outsider” for safety and environmental protection.

If you don't do "external people" who are safe and environmentally friendly, everyone must be responsible for it. Employees are the masters of the company, protecting the corporate environment and safeguarding the interests of the company. Everyone is responsible. The staff should raise their ideological position and take the scientific argument of “Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan” as the guideline, stand at the height of practicing the new development concept of the country, stand at the height of sustainable development of the enterprise, and treat with a proactive attitude. Safety production and problem rectification work. We must resolutely overcome the "unrelated" thinking, and we must not regard ourselves as "bystanders" or "outsiders"; we must resolutely overcome the "passing through" thinking, and we must not hold the "combat mentality" to pass a level. It is necessary to profoundly realize that all special inspections are a "comprehensive physical examination" and "diagnosis of the pulse" for the safety and environmental protection of enterprises, and it is also a major opportunity for enterprises to transform and develop. It is necessary to move forward the “main battlefield” of safety and environmental protection work, strengthen the construction of a dual prevention system for safety production risk grading control and hidden danger investigation and control, and penetrate the safety and environmental responsibility from top to bottom to Yancheng, Jiangsu. Chemical storage tank explosion accidents as a warning, by raising the environmental protection production standards, actively take the initiative to upgrade the post safety production level, do a good job of rectification, and force the supply side structural reform, force the industrial transformation and upgrade, and force the enterprise precision Manage the steps.

If you do not do "safe outsiders", you must actively introspect yourself. Mencius said: "There is no way to go, but to ask for oneself." The meaning is that if things are not successful, if you encounter setbacks and difficulties, you must reflect on yourself and find reasons from yourself. It is not only a traditional virtue, but also a good way to break the contradiction of production. Enterprise safety and environmental protection production is not reflected in the "mouth", but in the "brain", "heart" and "hand". In the construction of building a safe and environmentally friendly production, no employee can be “absent”. Leading cadres must really sink to the key nodes of the grassroots and on-site*, find out the problem, research solutions, and never evade the light and falsify. Relevant departments should highlight the pertinence of problem rectification, scientifically judge, accurately grasp, and classify measures. The staff of the post should adhere to the problem-oriented, actively carry out self-examination and self-correction, concentrate on rectifying the problem, ensure that no dead ends, no hidden dangers, no rebound. Only when all employees work together can the overall safety production level of the company be effectively improved. Seriously inspecting equipment, finding hidden problems, trying to transform the process, trying to make production tools, saving raw materials, and making suggestions for energy conservation and emission reduction, etc. These practical actions are all contributing to the sustainable and healthy development of the company. Work hard to improve your income.

If you do not do "safe outsiders", you must take the initiative to solve the problem. From the current big environment, it can be said that the standards put forward by the industry for safety and environmental protection work are getting higher and higher, the safety and environmental protection supervision is getting more and more, the product quality requirements are getting higher and higher, and the expectations of the employees for safety and environmental protection work are coming. The higher. Especially for state-owned and old enterprises, the responsibility for safety and environmental protection is heavy, stressful and difficult. Some production facilities have been transformed from decades of old equipment, and the congenital insufficiency of the facilities supporting capacity has gradually been exposed. Some electrical equipment that has been in operation for many years also constitutes an operation of “safe, stable, long, full and excellent” for the production equipment. Threat. Therefore, the employees should take safety and environmental protection production as a serious political task, major project and key work to promote reform, and be a practitioner of safe and environmentally friendly production with a firm attitude, *powerful measures, and strict requirements. Actively find problems, analyze problems seriously, deal with problems decisively, jointly maintain the overall situation of environmental protection and safety production of enterprises, and steadily promote the development of high-quality enterprises.

Everyone is a "protagonist" of safety and environmental protection. Every employee has the right and obligation to defend and cherish the hard-won reform and development achievements of the company. In the battle against security and environmental protection, there are no "bystanders" and "outsiders". ".