Soft Bag Lithium Battery Aluminum Plastic Film With Aluminum Foil Battery Field Of Upstart

- Dec 29, 2018-

As a result of the increasing calls for automotive lightweight in recent years, high energy density and lightweight has become the future development direction of vehicle power batteries, at present, domestic new energy vehicles in the automotive core aspects of a wide range of technical routes, in the current technical standards, cylindrical cores, square cores, Soft-clad batteries have become more mature power carriers in the field of pure electric passenger cars.

But under the upcoming new technology parameters, the balance of use of these three cores is highly likely to be broken. Battery China Network believes that soft packet batteries compared to square batteries and cylindrical batteries have a certain advantage. Ternary soft packet battery capacity than the same size specifications of steel shell cylindrical lithium battery high 10%--15%, more than aluminum shell square lithium battery high 5%--10%, can provide longer mileage, more to meet the policy-oriented development needs. Because the soft bag battery uses aluminum plastic film packaging, when there is a short-circuit accident, it will generally cheer crack, high safety, more suitable for passenger car assembly. In terms of weight, the soft-pack battery weighs 40% lighter than the steel shell cylindrical lithium battery of the same capacity, 20% lighter than the aluminum shell square lithium battery, and the product is thinner, reducing the larger weight of the vehicle.

Therefore, in theory, soft-pack batteries are more suitable for pure electric passenger cars. Soft packet lithium battery aluminum plastic film with aluminum foil, as a soft packaging lithium battery core package of key materials, used to seal the protection of single-chip lithium battery, with a very high barrier, good heat sealing performance, acid and alkali resistance, good ductility and mechanical strength. Due to the high technical barriers, the global lithium battery aluminum plastic composite aluminum foil manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Japan and South Korea, only a very small number of manufacturers in the domestic technical indicators are higher, Mingda aluminium is one of them. Mingda aluminum production of battery soft package with 8079 aluminum foil strength up to 90-110mpa, extension 13%-18%, cup protrusion 6.2-7.3mm, and surface oil-free, pinhole, bump point, scratches, oxidation, foreign body wrinkle, etc., in the equipment configuration, equipped with online pinhole detector, ultrasonic welding, to meet the battery foil , electronic foil, medicine foil and a series of high-end products cutting processing, and the material frame for 5 layers of material rack, effectively improve the surface cleanliness of aluminum foil.