Success Depends On The Team

- Aug 01, 2019-

The four teams sang a team of energetic team songs, shouting the slogan of high morale, morale, and the bright voice echoing over the slate!

Before the official start, everyone listened carefully to the rules of the coaches. At the same time, they also learned that they need to complete the assigned tasks within the specified time--the push of the iron circle team to take a group photo, but also to complete their "mysterious tasks."

With full confidence, in the hot summer, you will pay for the team to get points! ! !

During the activity, everyone fully communicated and discussed, and everyone in the team shouldered responsibility, voice, and value, and then they could achieve a unified goal*.

In the process of intense activities, not only the pressure, but also the competition, the sweat, and the happiness.

Small games let everyone realize that team success is the foundation of personal success, and individual success must be based on the joint efforts and common support of other members of the team.

The ultimate PK is coming. In just one minute, you can also release the energy, run to the target and destroy the target!