The 2nd China International Import Expo

- Nov 06, 2019-

A year ago, we successfully hosted the first China International Import Expo in Shanghai. Today, more friends are coming. This year's China International Import Expo continues the theme of “open cooperation, destiny and common”.


Economic globalization is a historical trend. The Yangtze River, the Nile River, the Amazon River, and the Danube River are prosperous and rushing forward. Although there will be some reversing waves, although there will be many shoal reefs, the momentum of the big rivers will not be blocked.


No country can solve the problems facing the development of the world economy. Countries should adhere to the concept of human priority, and should not put their own interests above human interests. We must use a more open mindset and initiatives to jointly expand the cakes in the global market, to implement the global sharing mechanism, to work in a global way, and to work together to increase the momentum of economic globalization.


The 2nd China International Import Expo was held from November 5th to 10th. A total of 181 countries, regions, and international organizations attended the conference, and more than 3,800 companies participated.