The Application Of Aluminum Foil In Composite Flexible Packaging Has The Following Advantages

- Jul 19, 2019-

Aluminum foil for food packaging/Cigarette packaging after lamination

The application of aluminum foil in composite flexible packaging has the following advantages:

1, the appearance is bright and beautiful, with silver metal luster and good reflection, give a person a feeling of luxury, which is not plastic film can be compared, Therefore, the use of aluminum foil in the packaging of goods can play a beautification of goods, improve the level of goods.

2, high barrier and shading. Compared with paper, plastic film, aluminum foil due to a high density of metal crystal structure, so it has excellent barrier, such as moisture resistance, resistance to gas, light and fragrance of high. When aluminum foil composite with paper, film and others, almost completely cut off any the transmission of gas, water vapor and light can effectively protect the contents of the package, prevent the contents from being corrupted due to moisture absorption and oxidation, thus greatly extending the storage life and shelf life of the contents of the package.

3, aluminum foil natural starch is made of fast heat transfer speed, and good resistance to high and low temperature, so in cooking packaging has been widely used.

4, aluminum is a light weight metal, aluminum foil for packaging can save and reduce the cost of transportation.

5. It can be recycled to reduce energy consumption; And non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, will not affect the flavor of the contents of the package.

Because of the above several aspects of outstanding advantages, aluminum foil has become a flexible packaging industry is widely used in a packaging material.

The thickness of aluminum foil used in composite flexible packaging is usually between6 and 9 mic. In practical application, the appropriate thickness of aluminum foil should be selected according to the different content and performance requirements, or the expected barrier effect (too thin) or the increase in cost (too thick) will not be achieved.

In addition, it should also be pointed out that the thickness of aluminum foil must be uniform, if the thickness of aluminum foil is not uniform, it is easy to have problems in production. First, aluminum foil thickness is not consistent, in the process of aluminum foil composite adhesive coating is difficult to be uniform, which affects the aluminum foil and plastic film composite strength; Second, aluminum foil thickness Inconsistencies, the material roll is loose and tight at the same time, in the compound process, the material roll will swing from side to side, and after the tension is applied in the winding and unwinding, it is easy to lead to break foil, which is very unfavorable for the smooth progress of the compound process.