The German Aluminum Exhibition Official Announced That Despite The Current Trade Disputes, Global Aluminum Production And Sales Continue To Grow!

- Oct 19, 2018-

Aluminium is a trade show, but for the aluminum industry, it plays a pivotal role in the global sense. The role of Aluminium is even more so in the absence of external influences and the repositioning of many markets in some regions. This is also the time when trade shows play a crucial role in providing direction for global trade. "

This explains why there are many challenges and obstacles to international trade, but the number of visitors is still so numerous. Hans-Joachim Erbel said: "This is where the world comes together, no one wants to miss it." In fact, all industry representatives have fundamentally agreed that the current aluminum boom will continue to gain momentum.

According to the organizer's data, there were 24,148 spectators in 2018 (the number of visitors in 2017 was 24,373). Therefore, the number of visitors this year is very close to the record set by the 2017 show.

The atmosphere of internationalization is growing

People from 123 countries (108 participating countries in 2017), including visitors from South Africa, the United States, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand and Europe, interpreted the exhibition as “Aluminium United Nations”. Particularly striking is the fact that the number of visitors outside Europe is nearly 20% of the total. This also means that the audience outside Germany has increased from 58% to 63%.

Heavyweight exhibition in the global light metal field

At the end of the three-day exhibition, Olaf Freier, director of the aluminum industry, said, “This is a benchmark for measuring the quality and global relevance of the aluminum industry. It reflects the development of the international market.” In this way, aluminum highlights Its function as a global trading platform.

The same scene also appeared in the exhibitors. Today, more than two-thirds of exhibitors (a total of 664 companies) are exhibiting companies from outside Germany, an increase of 4% over the previous show.

This year's aluminum industry world trade fair has a total of 971 exhibitors, involving 54 countries. Among them, there are 307 exhibiting companies in Germany, 307 in Italy, 103 in Italy, 103 in China, 64 in Turkey, 32 in Spain, 32 in Austria and Spain, 29 in the United States, 25 in the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom. There are 23 in total and 19 in Canada.