Tin Foil Price

- Nov 01, 2019-

Tin Foil Price

Tin foil is very well insulated

In the summer, if the reflective material covered with a layer of aluminum foil on the roof can solve the problem of direct sunlight of 60%, the rest is to consider that the metal itself will become very hot, and the heat will continue to be transmitted to the floor. . If this layer of reflection is overhead, leaving a 150-200mm air circulation layer between the membrane and the floor will work well.

The tin foil has a good finish and heat reflection. With the protection of the foil paper, the taste of the cigarette will not be irritated by the outside world, and more importantly, it will not receive the air and the environment and become odorous. Cut tobacco does not deteriorate, making them have a longer shelf life, as well as insulation and aesthetic factors. Therefore, there is a layer of platinum paper inside the cigarette box.

Tinfoil paper can also be used for grilling. Wrapped in the outer layer of food, cooked quickly and rich in flavor, not easy to get cold. There is usually a layer of tin foil on the outside of the roast leg of the restaurant.

The price of foil paper has different prices depending on the application. The latest offer for HTMM is $2200-$3200/Ton. Please contact our sales manager for specific prices.