What Are The Benefits Of Choosing The Aluminum Foil Material For Coffee Bean Packaging

- Oct 25, 2019-

Aluminium foil packaging

Most people like to drink coffee when they work. The inner layer of the coffee bean bag will have a silver film. There will be a white valve inside the coffee bean bag. There are definitely many people who want to know what these two functions are. ?

1.the silver film is similar to the material of tin foil, we call it professionally: aluminum foil. The main characteristics of aluminum foil: good moisture resistance, good light protection, good barrier properties, can keep the fragrance of coffee beans from oxidizing and oxidizing, and avoid the contact of coffee beans with light.

2. the white valve, we professionally call it: one-way exhaust valve, the roasted coffee beans will naturally emit carbon dioxide, if it stays in the package will affect the quality of the coffee beans, the role of this one-way exhaust valve is to The carbon dioxide inside the coffee beans is discharged out of the bag, so that the quality of the coffee beans is not destroyed.

Aluminum foil plus one-way exhaust valve can better avoid air ingress, so that the coffee beans can maintain fresh original flavor. Therefore, the coffee bean packaging bag must use aluminum foil and one-way exhaust valve aluminum foil packaging bag. If you have a need for aluminum foil, please contact us, you just need it, we are just professional!