What Is Aluminum Foil

- Mar 22, 2019-

Aluminum foil has been widely used in various fields due to its unique metal properties. Over the years, aluminum foil has played an irreplaceable role in the healthy and comfortable life of human beings. Aluminum foil is widely used in construction, transportation and other fields due to its robustness and good resistance. Because of its easy disinfection, aluminum foil is also used in medical supplies and food packaging, and is regarded as the best physical packaging material. . The excellent protective properties of aluminum foil is its greatest advantage over other metals with the same flexibility and hardness. A very thin aluminum foil, even only 6.35 microns, can effectively block light and water. According to different needs, it is possible to achieve a good soft packaging by changing the different characteristics of the aluminum foil.

   Aluminum foil is the best choice for all food packaging, it can effectively block the amount of heat, moisture, air and light. Our aluminum foil products are made from high-quality aluminum materials that do not contain any toxic elements and have been tested by the US FDA. They are not only safe, but also have better preservation and water retention.