Why Does Household Aluminum Foil Have One Bright Side And Other Dull Side

- Jul 24, 2019-

The difference in appearance between dull and bright is due to the foil manufacturing process. In the final rolling step, two layers of foil are passed through the rolling mill at the same time. The side coming in contact with the mill's highly polished steel rollers becomes bright. The bright side can reflect the heat on to the food to be cooked, using a long-established scientific principle that bright surfaces reflect heat and light.

HTMM GROUP Aluminium foil   Specifications:

Alloy: 1235, 8011, 8006, 8079

Temper: O, soft 

Characteristic: one side bright,and other side dull. Usually it is bright side out

Thickness: 0.0085~ 0.025mm

Width: 200 ~ 1250mm

Coil ID: 76mm, 152mm

Coil OD: 300~900mm 

MOQ: 1 tons per size   or 2 tons per size 

Payment Term: T/T, L/C, DP, etc

Delivery: about 20~30 days as per order and your requirements

Surface: mill finished, clean, bright, mirror,flat, no wholes, no scratches, no oxidation. 

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