Household Tin Foil Paper

Household Tin Foil Paper

HTMM Tin Foil Wrapping Paper has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 successfully, and also approved by American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). By the good product quality and professional service, we have set up a complete sales network.

Product Details

For packing food

Aluminium is used for packaging as it is highly malleable and can be easily converted to thin sheets and can be easily folded, rolled and packed. Aluminium foil acts as a total barrier to light and oxygen (which cause fats to oxidise or become rancid), odours and flavours, moistness, and germs, and so it is used broadly in food and pharmaceutical packaging. The purpose of aluminium is to make long-life packs (aseptic packaging) for drinks and dairy goods, which allows storing without refrigeration. Aluminium foil containers and trays are used to bake pies and to pack takeawaymeals, ready snacks and long life pet foods.

Aluminium foil 8011

Aluminum Household Foils, being hygienic, non-toxic, and recyclable, are widely used for wrapping food items by caterers, restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, airlines, railways, coffee-shops, and others. Aluminum foil jumbo roll is a production material used in the later processes of making aluminum household foil for wrapping food. One side bright and one side matte.

Household Aluminium foil

Cooking Household Aluminum Foil Roll professional suppliers in China.

Our Household Aluminum Foil Roll Advantages :

(1) 99.9% purity Food-grade Aluminium ;

(2) Passed SGS FDA food safety certification ;

(3) Temperature bear range : -50 degree to 260 degree ;

(4) 12mic Aluminium foil put in 240 degree temperature , can stay 60 minutes ;

20mic Aluminium foil put in 260 degree temperature , can stay 120 minutes ;

(5) Good Oil-absorbing ;

(6) Double-side non stick , retain moisture , more fresher ;

(7) Surface leveling, smooth and bright .

Aluminum foil roll jumbo

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